Based in Manawatu-Wanganui Genre Visual Art

Holi Shannon

25 year old Kiwi artist working with experimental abstract themes and that speak conceptually of our personal relationship with our environment.

The work is a contemporary approach to the traditional genre of landscape paintings. Taking factual, tangible, organic elements such as mountains, oceans and clouds and allowing them to play visually with dream-like fantasy themes such as unnatural colour, distorted forms and placement. These two conflicting ideas dance together and create a new outlook on Aotearoa horizons.

In the works the image of a simple hill may be distorted and manipulated in such a way that the original image is completely blurred or transformed into something else. Mountain silhouettes are stretched towards the sky in peaks of pink and flowing water over rocks metamorphose from vibrant shades of purple into thin rivering lines of grey and gold which flow across the canvas losing direction as they go.


These ideas are explored with mediums of acrylic and spray paints, water, foils and varnish to create the textural and layered effects that land and sea possess.