Based in Wellington Genre Visual Art

Billie Jones


I am a cartoonist, muralist, illustrator, and, sometimes a sculptor.  I'm looking towards a self-sustainable future, using my hands and my imagination.  Over this journey I'm keen to learn more about and incorporate my cultural heritages into a more modern personal vision, as well as combine Kendo and Maoridom.
Also hoping to sell enough t-shirts to fund my martial arts pursuits!!

To begin with, I am looking into gaining a Wacom Drawing tablet and a Printer/scanner.
with these I will be able to do more digitally (because using a mouse to draw and paint digitally is ... difficult yeah) and have better imagery to send to my Printmighty store to sell prints on clothes.

After that I hope to write and draw a childrens language book.

There will be other projects I hope to to engage in along the way, will post them up as soon as I know.