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Samantha Dutton

Samantha Dutton is a filmmaker based in Auckland, New Zealand. Revenge of the Follicle is her directorial debut – a female body horror in the realm of Kitchen Sink and Carrie. Graduating from University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts in Screen Production, Samantha focuses on writing, directing and producing female centric stories and experiences as a South African immigrant.

Her non-fiction works include short documentaries about artist-run space Inky Palms, Toby Morris (political cartoonist), and a documentary series celebrating local female creatives in Auckland. Her latest documentary centers on her father making African cuisine by fire and a cast iron pot.

Penelope Prick, a comic created by Samantha is published in Wellington-based Literary and Arts journal Mimicry and her critical essay “Ruptures of a stressed body” which is about the human body, is published in Atlas - a Literary Medical journal based in Auckland.

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