Based in Otago Genre Film

Last Chance Media

Last Chance Media is a new Filmmaking organisation based in Dunedin, we started in 2017 and have started to gain amazing momentum, with help from Petridish Dunedin, a unique business that provides shared office space for creative media, tech and small bussinesses, who allow us to use their facilities each month for meetings and post production.

We also have some fantastic fresh talent on board, some with experience in acting and some just starting out, each bring something special to the screen that the world will soon be exposed to, and then there is the technichal talent, camera operators, sound engineers, lighting professionals, editors...the list goes on.

All of these people dedicate their own time, efforts and equipment to help make some amazing films, we are always greatful for their help and support, but we need to invest in our own equipment and have enough money to at least pay for food and drink, and help pay transport costs to keep everyone motivated.

Our aim is to put Dunedin on the map as a film making location, then to branch out all over New Zealand as there are so many fascinating destinations that can bring our stories to life.