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Lydia Zanetti

Lydia Zanetti is an Auckland based dancer, choreographer, producer, stage manager and production manager.

She has just finished managing the Auckland Arts Festival season of En Route and is now working towards her role as Artistic Director of Short + Sweet Dance 2013. She is a graduate of Unitec's Contemporary Dance degree and has choreographed multiple works under her productions company Sweaty Heart Productions. Other events Zanetti has worked on include Tempo Dance Festival, The Living Room, Random Acts of Christmas, The Performance Arcade, The Producing Project, the NZDC launch event, multiple Fringe shows and performances throughout her degree. She has danced for Michael Parmenter, Shona McCullagh, Ann Dewey, Kelly Nash, Alexa Wilson, Louise Potiki-Bryant, Emily Campbell, Virginia Kennard and within her own works.

Lydia Zanetti's Projects

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Lydia Zanetti

SEP ARATE is a dance theatre show by the combined choreographic powers of val smith and Lydia Zanetti. Featuring a plethora of Auckland talent, SEP ARATE teases out the conversation around gender and sexuality through a queer gaze. In turn hilarious, challenging and charming, this is dance with a sprinkling of clowning and theatre - making a show that is accessible and current. We need dancers in order to perform however...