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Prosper Northland Trust

After the disappointment in mid 2014 of the Whangarei District Council withdrawing their support for the original Hundertwasser Art Centre (despite $5m having been raised and the project’s inclusion district’s Long Term Plan), a group of local citizens decided to find a way to build it on their own.

They formed Prosper Northland Trust and started the complex process of re-building relationships and scoping the project from scratch. 

Delayed until June 2015, a hotly contested referendum resulted in a landslide win for the Hundertwasser project, which received more than 50% of the total vote out of 3 options. The art centre finally had a public mandate and the community support it needed to proceed.

Prosper Northland Trust and Whangarei Art Museum are now fundraising together to realise the Hundertwasser Art Centre with Wairau Maori Art Gallery. They need to raise a further $1.4 million by 30 June 2017. 

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