Based in National Genre Visual Art

Artistic Flowers

After enjoying a varied career within the visual arts, and spent many years working in television / film and with photographers etc, in Wellington, we opened an art gallery and flroist  / gift shop in Chch in a wonderful, large high profile premises close to the centre of Chch.


Here, we hope to showcase and help NZ artists, and businesses promote thier art or products and feel we are in an excellent area to do so. The feedback form most visters, is extremely psoitive, and many sales are made with tourists and local people wanting to enhance thier surroundings with locally produced art and sculpture. 

We are always interested in hearing from artists, particually so for commerically minded exhibitors, and would love to assist any artists through being associated with boosted. The floral deisgning side of the business, helps encourage potential customers to the gallery also.