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Giant Poppy Art Project

My name is Tony McNeight and during the WW1 commemorations in 2015 I created the Giant Poppy Art installation in the Auckland Domain. I laid 59,000 metal poppy discs with the help of New Zealanders and visitors who placed their poppy petal messages of love and respect.

As an artist I was influenced to create the Giant Poppy as I had a deep connection through family who had fought and died in both World Wars.

I had a dream to create a commemorative art piece where everyone was able to engage.

So I personally went out and raised the funds for the Giant Poppy in the Auckland Domain from generous donors, sponsorships, philianthropists and supporters from all over New Zealand

The invitation for the Giant Poppy to be placed on the soil of France is the ultimate outcome of my dream and I need the support of everyone in the community to get me there and make it happen.

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