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Art in the Dark

What is Art in the Dark?

Over two nights annually, Art in the Dark lights up Ponsonby’s Western Park with creative projects from New Zealand’s most innovative artists.

Participating in Art in the Dark challenges artists to evolve projects that not only fit the specific contours of the great, urban outdoors but that must illuminate the dark using clean, eco-friendly energy and materials wherever possible. The end results are always pretty spectacular, just check out our galleries from previous years.

In November 2013, incredible installations, short films and performances will have the park glowing with ingenuity. The free event has become a platform for bright Kiwi minds to show-off their talents, and a chance for the community to get involved in the art world from the comfort of their city’s own backyard.

The Art in the Dark team is committed to bringing New Zealand talent to New Zealand, and the rest of the world. Those kiwi sparks are just too bright to ignore, after all. Support our quest for world domination, one glowing backyard at a time.

Art in the Dark's Projects