Based in National Genre Visual Art

Oliver Roake

The Trip

My work Re/cognition #3 has been selected to show at ‘Talente 2017’ Munich, Germany.

The exhibition organizers are covering freight for the work, I need to get there to make the most of the connections and collaborative opportunities.


The Work

Born to Kiwi parents in Europe, relocated here at 10, Re/cognition #3 taps into subliminal memories, cultural undertones of both the old and new world.

My work aims to present a fresh perspective. I have 2 large works commissioned in Auckland and want to use this opportunity to reach both worlds, using this show to promote this new work and create opportunities.


Campaign covers

I am looking for support to cover travel costs. I will travel through London, promote my work there and making the most of family connections for accommodation.

I will be away 1 st -31 st March. I have someone covering my job and have sublet my flat.

Prior to leaving I will be working in Christchurch on CNC tool path setups for my latest work and will use this computer imaging to promote possibilities in Europe.

Any support will be gratefully received and help make the most of this opportunity to connect.

Cheers Ollie