Based in International Genre Dance

Warwick Blair

Warwick Blair is a distinguished composer who remains at the cutting edge of new music in New Zealand ever since he first hit the headlines in the 1980s.

He has a distinctive, original musical voice, which has received high critical praise and one which deserves wider global attention. It can be highly atmospheric, using deep inner rhythms to create epic soundscapes, as well as using more complex, edgy sonorities. His influences are many, ranging from modern to early and traditional musical styles (including indigenous music of New Zealand).

During his time in Europe there were performances at the South Bank and in several other capitals. However, following his return to Auckland his subsequent music could only be heard in the UK on radio – recent works such as ‘Stars’ and ‘Accordian’ enjoyed airplay on BBC Radios 1 and 3 and Kiss FM.

Over the years his collaborative work has included linking up with the pop group Dead Can Dance, Bjork producer Guy Sigsworth, soundtrack work for the movie Stargate and a number of sound designs for Nintendo and other major corporate brands.