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Prospect Park Productions

Prospect Park Productions (NZ) was established in 2016 by producer, H-J Kilkelly, and writer, Emily Duncan.

H-J and Emily have a working relationship that spans 16 years, harking back to the days where H-J stage managed an ambitious production of Romeo and Juliet, in which Emily played Lady Capulet, alongside H-J’s dad.

The team has reunited after years of various other projects to form Prospect Park Productions, to create and produce original NZ theatre, with a view to touring both nationally and internationally. They also have an award winning podcast series, Dark Dunedin, and have recently taken on board a development platform for new and emerging playwrights. 

Prospect Park Productions is named for Prospect Park in Dunedin, the city where Emily still lives and writes. H-J, while a staunch Dunedin-ite at heart, calls Wellington home…for now!

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Prospect Park Productions

Hold Me is a shifty, twisty, spinny tale of all the good n gory bits - love, war, and money. But time is of the essence for our characters, who are forever teetering on the cusp of Autumn...