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anthony STRETCH

“A pure hearted performer, his songs sound like long-time classics” - The Rogue Stage

Okay so he’s not that tall but…
Alt-country singer/songwriter “Stretch” has an intensity in his performance that burns up on any given night. From dark-hearted ballads to roof-raising choruses and a bootstomping backbeat, it’s a heavy-folk landscape that hints at Neil Young and Neil Finn hauling up for a good old after-hours session.

From a rural upbringing in a town that barely makes it onto the map, Stretch was on a musical path from the beginning. Listening to 45’s on a jukebox at the country pub he was too young to be in, picking up guitar chords from his Irish grandmother, and mastering the Maori strum from his dad.

After years of paying heavy dues in various groups and getting chewed up by big city life, Stretch set off on a lone road, with songs from a life-long search to find out where he belongs.

With a reputation for spell binding performances, a voice that can’t help being soulful and a passion to connect with every audience, Stretch is making fans the old fashioned way, one true music lover at a time…

“One hard working troubadour, a bit Springsteen, even a bit Waits, with wit, sweat and heartfelt songs” - Sitting Room Sessions