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CAROLYN BEAVER ----- Free Agent Films

Carolyn was based in London for her formative years, working for a creative agency where she repp’ed some of the worlds more renowned photographers and cinematographers. It was here she got the chance to work on various documentary projects and music clips and thus her film career was born.

For the past couple of decades, she’s worked predominantly in the New Zealand film and television industry in various roles. She has always loved photography, has always dabbled in writing, has always been very much a hungry visual beast. She loves ideas specifically engaging ones and in no way could contemplate working in a non creative field. She’s interested in performance-driven storytelling with a comedic twist that pays close atttention to aethetic and visual composition.

To date Carolyn has written, directed and co-produced two short films, the first Need to Love (2010) a 48hr film which won her Best Female Director, the other a self-funded and partially animated short called The Crane (2016). She has also Executive Produced a number of other short films Breathe (2015) and more recently Cold (2016).

Carolyn’s interested in making provocative work about colourful characters and in finding the comedy in dramatic situations, making us as an audience laugh at ourselves and what complicated beings we can be. She’s interested in capturing real life in all its glory...the good, the bad and the ugly. She’s interested in helping people, encouraging people and making them laugh. Most importantly, she wants to entertain and to find characters that are easy to relate to. Characters we can all see ourselves in.