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Leigh Minarapa

Leigh Minarapa grew up in a small East Coast town called Matata and later went on to Wellington to attain a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Film and Media Studies at Victoria University of Wellington.

In the past two years of working in the Film Industry, Leigh has been a part of some amazing projects ranging from short films to features to documentaries to music videos. She is currently a Production Manager for Awa Films, working on a television series for Maori Television soon to be screened later in the year. 

Leigh is passionate about the art of storyteling, and telling these stories through the many facsinating and engaging people of this world. She is very interested in the art of storytelling through visual components, hence her fascination with photography - both film and digital. 

Leigh believes in collaboration - collaboration of people, of ideas, of different artistic mediums. That is why whenever Leigh front's a project, there will also be a motivated and diverse team right beside her, passionate about art. 

Leigh Minarapa's Projects