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Millie Ogg

Hi everyone my name is Millie and I am an artist from the Wairarapa and I go to King Street Art Works. I have been going there for a couple of years and it has now become my second home. I have also set up my own art studio at my home as well as a facebook page for my art work which I have called Unique. I mostly paint using acrylics and watercolours. I really enjoy and love mixing and making different colours when I paint. Drawing is also one of my main mediums and I use this when I am creating a painting or any other project.I have also designed and made letters out of wood and created some collage projects. I am currently working on my first project using clay. I have also had the opportunity through King Street Art Works in the last couple of years to display a few pieces of my work at their annual exhibition that they have once a year.






Millie Ogg's Projects