Based in National Genre Theatre

Walking Shadows

Walking Shadows is a new theatre collective created by Iris Henderson and Catriona Tipene.

Iris Henderson has recently completed her studies at Victoria University, gaining a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. She has studied at the Shanghai Theater Academy, and has performed in plays around Wellington, with shows for BATS Theatre, Circa Theatre and Summer Shakespeare.

Catriona Tipene moved from Palmerston North to Wellington for exciting creative endeavours in 2012, having gained a Diploma in Performing Arts Level 5 at UCOL. Catriona owns and operates her children's entertainment business 'Fairy Cat and Friends', and can be seen in theatre shows around Wellington.

Iris and Cat are particularly interested in exploring and reworking classical texts, combining their training in physical theatre to help achieve their full theatrical potential to modern audiences.

Walking Shadows's Projects