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Sarah McDougall & Cheryl Amos

Cheryl Amos 

Cheryl is an actor, playwright and drama teacher with a real passion for New Zealand plays. She started her theatrical career at Centerpoint Theatre, under the reign of the hilarious prolific duo, Alison Quigan and Ross Gumbly. Some highlights of her career include Nerissa ( The Merchant of Venice) Centerpoint, Trixie ( Its a Whanau thing) Circa Studio, Felicity (Shoes) Bats, Shirley Valentine, and Dawn in Sarah McDougall’s (Moon at the Bottom of the Garden) at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in the Arts Festival Dunedin 2014. She has been part of The Improvisors in Wellington, Scared Scriptless (Palmerston North) and performed Stand-up at the Classic (Auckland) and has been teaching at InterAct Childrens Theatre and with Idea Services, teaching drama to people with intellectual disabilities, alongside Clare Adams, work that is very dear to her heart. Cheryl is performing in (Flagons and Foxtrots), her 4th play at the Fortune, wedged in the middle of such big hearted characters, and the actors that inhabit them, makes them so easy to love, and she is very much looking forward to playing in (Slutty Ladies Garden Party) with Sarah McDougall in the Fringe Festival Dunedin in March 2016.

Sarah McDougal 

Sarah is a playwright, actor, poet and producer. Moon at the Bottom of the Garden is her latest play, performed last year where she met Cheryl. Her previous works are: Things I Hate about Mother, Hairway to Heaven, ‘Best new play of the year no contest’. New Zealand Listener, 2008, Bullies & Blake and Up the Duff. In Edinburgh, Up the Duff was awarded ’Best New Writing Best New Work on the Fringe by Three Weeks, 1997. It was translated into Catalan and Spanish, and was invited to the International Women Playwrights Festival in Athens, Greece. Sarah also co-wrote and performed in Hersterix and Those Jammy Cows. ‘I am a feminist and my emphasis is on strong roles for women of all ages, not that I don’t love men; I have two sons and a husband of 33 years. In my writing I focus on family, class and addictions. I want to put on a show where we have freedom to swear and have a good laugh with sex, politics, and class as content. Slutty Ladies Garden Party will shove roast buster slut shaming and prudish attitudes on the barbie and burn the fuck out of them’.



"Sara McDougall's play Moon at the Bottom of the Garden, had the audience laughing with glee and recognition and weeping at the pain of addiction through generations, solo-parenting and family secrets creating divides.."
Otago Daily Times Reviewed by Gemma Carroll, 13 Oct 2014

"An intriguing play with an incredibly strong cast. A must see in this year's Dunedin Arts Festival." Reviewed by Kimberley Buchan,11 Oct 2014

Sarah McDougall & Cheryl Amos's Projects

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Sarah McDougall & Cheryl Amos

Slutty Ladies are set to free the slut in all of us at their garden party with a who what how and why of slutdom. Laugh and swear because there's nothing like a good fuck in the right place.