Based in International Genre Music

Kate Anastasiou

I have an eclectic background and have trained in jazz, classical guitar, blues and popular music. Accompanying myself on guitar I have been playing a wide range of venues over the last decade, drawing on a range of styles and repertoire to entertain and hopefully move audiences. 

I have a keen interest in world music and have traveled to hear the music that inspires me. From countires like Portugal and Spain chasing the vocals of Fado and Flamenco, to Ireland for driving trad music.

I have been writing and performing my own songs for over twenty years and is I am now looking to select the best of these tunes and record them with other musicians and the keen ear of an expert producer.

Since 2009 I have lived in Lyttleton, Christchurch and been surrounded by a strong local music tradition and culture which, along with some dramatic sysmic events has shaped me as a person and as a musician.