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wade shotter & jimena murray

WADE SHOTTER - Director / Writer

Wade has a background in Illustration, where he produced several children’s books and also wrote, illustrated and published 8 comic books. He worked in advertising as an Art Director/Copywriter for 4 years and eventually started making music videos for his band, where he fell in love with the moving image. He likes to produce work with a visually strong edge and a solid concept that engages and surprises. He also likes to write about himself in the third person.


Huh-mean-ah is a talented and passionate producer, an accomplished stills photographer, and a great storyteller. She has produced film, digital and trans-media projects for many local and international directors with budgets varying from $7,502 to over a million. Born in Auckland. Ears pierced at 3 weeks. Mexico at 6 weeks. Grew up outdoors playing all the sports. Left high school. Got into photography, got into production. Moved to Mexico, photographed, produced, travelled, got kidnapped, mastered the art of bribery. Moved back to NZ, freelanced at all the leading production companies, lost her tan, got a job at FINCH, never looked back.

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