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Brigid Allan

Having recently moved to the King Country, Brigid noticed a number of large walls that would benefit from a little public art makeover, with in the township ofTe Kuiti. It was here the Te Kuiti Art Project voyage began.

 Having completed a BMA Honours in Painting, Brigid has always had an interest in the positive impact art, on the steets, can have on it's community.

As an artist, Brigid Allan's personal practice is one that works, with attention to life. A methodological approach that embodies disruption. When shifting to the locale of her subject matter, the intention is to disrupt her daily practice, generating new experiences through immersion. With a practice founded in the experiential,Brigids current inquiry focuses on the activation of movement within a painting and its shifting reality. Disruption encourages this relationship between image and movement, to become actualised through the painting, as our perception coexists with the past, present and future.

Brigid Allan's Projects

Image for Empty Spaces the Te Kuiti Art Project

Brigid Allan

The Te Kuiti Art Project, 'Empty Spaces', is a collaboration between local youth and 4 professional artists from the Waikato Region. This non-profit, community project aims to, activate forgotten spaces in the heart of Te Kuiti. Through the painting of, 4 large public artworks, 'Empty Spaces' looks to bring a smile, to the everyday pedestrian's face.