Based in Otago Genre Visual Art

Tess Sheerin

New Zealand artist Tess Sheerin has recently been noted for her unique portrayal of large scale urban wildlife inhabiting city walls in post-quake hometown Christchurch, hand painted in distinctive black and white style contrasting with expressive bursts of colours. Sheerin has been heavily influenced by street art and graffiti from her time living in the United Kingdom but is traditionally trained; her work also stems from a fusion of favourite artist MC Escher, Japanese printmaking, design and the surrealist movement.

Working conceptually on each project, Sheerin brings a dynamic energy which evolves during the restricted time-frame for her murals. Her creative process incorporates techniques that explore movement by physically paint-bombing buildings, using fire extinguishers, and pouring paint down textured surfaces. Currently murals are a large part of Sheerin’s work but not her only interest; she is inspired by her travels and is often found foraging for recycled objects on her voyages. Broken surfboards, doors and various pieces of rubble are used to morph into sculptures, paintings and instillations.

Tess Sheerin's Projects