Based in National Genre Dance

Sam Hamilton

Sam Hamilton is an inter-disciplinary artist from New Zealand who when not projecting abroad, resides in the sovereign state of K'rd, Auckland. Hamilton has a formidably broad, windy and bountiful practice and background as an artist. Having spent the last decade endlessly, entirely and tirelessly engulfed in experimental music, composition and thinking, sound art, experimental film/video, expanded cinema, installation, performance, design and photography project as well as directing and curating numerous events and a number of independent festivals and programs in Auckland. As well as being tirelessly active in his home town, he has also spend a lot of time particularly over the last few years working on projects, residencies, exhibitions and tours throughout South America, North America, Europe and Australia. Hamilton's practice today, although considerably more refined than ever, refuses to sit still. His practice is more multiple different disciplines rather than "interdisciplinary", yet, like any physicist, biologist, geneticist, ecologist, mycologist or cosmologist would agree with, nothing is entirely separate, and like life itself, they are all equally codependent on each other. And like any real 21st century scientist would also agree, it's time we broke down the blind ultra specialization, exclusiveness and singularity worship that strangled the 20th century and start approaching problems, ideas, life, humanity and the planet with a more broad, inclusive, diverse and dynamic way of thinking and being. But judging from how much relative support, success and recognition he has received over the years from various places, it seems being ruthlessly uncompromising in ones weird visions and having a restless unwillingness to conform doesn't seem to be to much of a problem these days anyhow. Not that it would make any difference if it was.

Sam Hamilton's Projects