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Dance moves, inspires and transforms lives contributing to the creative, spiritual, physical and cultural health of the nation.DANZ (Dance Aotearoa New Zealand) provides services and leadership in support of this vision as Kaitiaki, caretaker for our national dance heritage, an advocate, facilitator and guide for future development.DANZ is committed to creating a vibrant and thriving dance industry in Aotearoa New Zealand by providing services and support to the diverse forms and groups involved in dance.DANZ is a charitable organisation with a team of committed and passionate people based in Wellington and in Auckland that work closely with the dance community to:Enhance the growth of the New Zealand dance industry through the provision of information, services and resources such as:• Professional development programme• Resources and research• Partnerships and collaboration• Advocacy and adviceBuild visibility, participation and support through:• Communications• Advocacy and advice• Foster discussion and debateThe DANZ Quarterly is one the prime tools used by DANZ to achieve its objectives. The magazine aims to be a mouthpiece for DANZ and the New Zealand dance industry; to advocate for dance and provide key resource information. It is critical that dance has its own written voice and DANZ Quarterly ensures there is a dedicated coverage of dance and industry issues. There is much volunteer effort, goodwill and in kind sponsorship associated with the production of the magazine which demonstrates the desire of dance people to support it. This project is an opportunity for dance supporters to increase the level of engagement with DANZ Quarterly and DANZ.

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