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Bek Coogan

Kia ora, my name is Bek Coogan, I am an inter-disciplinary artist, (mostly pre-internet, and bit internet). I am also known for performing with Aotearoa/NZ bands like Cortina (Whag, PN, Wgtn), The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (NZ), Full F*KING Moon, (Germ/Aus/NZ).

Currently I am in the bands Fantasing, (PN, WGTN, CHCH), Gorge (PN). I also make rare solo performances under the names Oona Verse and Sheville. I also make drawings with the Sheville character. 

I work a lot in the space where music and art intersect, I also like mixing up the contexts where art is found. Real Life rules. Currently i am working on involving body/vocal/earth as a more focused research-based art practice. Everything is political and everything is interconnected, and like my friend Gemma Syme says: ART IS IMPORTANT. 

I have a Masters in Fine Arts (Hons) from Massey University Wellington, and i have performed and exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.


Some Links:

Performance art/video

An aspect of both my performance art/ visual art can be seen in this Documentary made by the Gravy :

One of my current bands: Collaborators Fantasing (Art/Rock),

Video art Works/collaborations:

Bek Coogan's Projects