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Ian Hart, Justin Hawkes & Hayley Cunningham

Justin and Ian have been working on projects together for 15 years. A journey that has taken them from making puppet themed music videos in a Hamilton garage to surviving a stampede at India’s largest religious festival.

Ian is an award winning music video director and has just recently returned to New Zealand after 7 years of making prime-time shows for the Travel Channel International.

Justin has been working as a director in Europe and New Zealand specialising in music and documentary. Recently returning to NZ he’s currently working as a story producer for The X Factor season 2.

Hayley is the Series Producer on Season 2 of The X Factor NZ. She just completed a lengthy stint on The Amazing Race: Australia, for which she won an International emmy.

Hayley has a strong and varied background, from working on music documentary shows to producing the award winning first series of The Jaquie Brown Diaries.

Ian Hart, Justin Hawkes & Hayley Cunningham's Projects