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Loading Docs

Loading Docs is a unique New Zealand documentary initiative that aims to captivate and inspire audiences as well as develop and promote New Zealand filmmaking talent. Annually we develop and produce thought-provoking documentary stories distributed across online platforms, broadcast television, in-flight programs and the big screen.
Since launching in 2014, 48 documentary shorts have been created attracting an audience of over 5.6 million viewers to date. Loading Docs won the NZ On Air Best Web Series award at the 2017 TV Awards and has significantly increased the value and impact of New Zealand documentary series, inspiring filmmakers and audiences to expect our documentaries to be world-class, creative and varied.
For each year a unifying theme provides creative provocation for the documentary makers. In recognition of the change-making power of Loading Docs, that theme in 2019 is ‘POWER’.
Once again this year we are pleased to announce that we will be including one Loading Doc short fully in te reo Māori. Each filmmaking team has the challenge of raising $2,500 on Boosted to help make their film. When that funding target is reached, Loading Docs will contribute up to $5,500, plus a post-production package at Department of Post. This campaign is not just about $$. We have a much bigger mission, which is to let every New Zealander know how great our documentaries and our filmmakers are, by helping them share these incredible kiwi stories. We're appealing to the Boosted community to get involved with Loading Docs, follow our production journey and help us get these small but mighty films to the world. Find out more about Loading Docs and watch our past shorts via our website.
Loading Docs is a Notable Pictures initiative, founded by Julia Parnell and Anna Jackson with the support of principle partner NZ On Air, the New Zealand Film Commission and Te Māngai Pāho.