Based in Wellington Genre Visual Art

Momo Smith

My main goal is something a bit different!

Vainity or Art, a series of emotive selfies which a Raw, Real, Exposed, Gritty, set of photographs ranging from Grief, Trust/rebuilding, anxiety, depression, secrets and more, whilst some pictures are on the nsfw side there is nothing pornographic! i want to portray and show the side no one wants to talk about, the darker side that hurts to see, i want people to talk.

Also a month back my dad passed and i plan to use some of his ashes in a painting that again explores the grief side of things, textured, sad, yet with glimpses of colour.

After this is all done, i want to be able to show the world that it is ok to feel these things and well although it's not fun or pretty but it is normal and things will be ok!!

I think my main challenge is getting someone/place to help back me BUT i don't plan to give up easily as i feel i have a strong message and want to be able to reach out and speak to even just that one person, that will make it worth it.

Am also currently working on a book as a side project which is a series of stories from people all over the place who have gone through trauma/obstacles in their lives and turned them into a positive. A little ray of sunshine :D