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I'm a 36 year old Auckland Aerialist that has a driven desire to inspire New Zealander's through Aerial Arts.  I started learning Aerial Silks in 2012 when I gave up drinking alcohol and wanted to change my life for the better.  During the past 2 years I have performed for various clients including RNZ Navy, Caci and ANZ.  In 2014 I created my business 'Aracnation Ltd', became a director and started teaching Aerial Silks.

I reside in Kingsland and spend my spare time with my 6 year old son, Silas.  We enjoy going to the beach, camping, visiting family & friends and watching films together.  I like reading a good non-fiction book, dating and getting away for a scenic horse-ride.

Aracnation's Projects

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My project is to attend an Aerial Silks Teacher Training Course held at 'New England Centre for Circus Arts' in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. The course runs from Sunday 15th – 22nd February 2015, and yes it is going to be cold, snowing even! My end goal is to become a better Aerial Silks teacher by improving technique and safe practice for my current and future students in Auckland and around New Zealand. Since discovering my passion for Aerial Silks in 2012, I have a mission to inspire all New Zealander’s through this incredible art form. We are capable of great achievements when we set our minds to it. I have booked and paid for the course – I require additional funding for flights and accommodation. I need to fly away to teach people to fly!