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Studio2/The Margaret Freeman Gallery

Studio2/ the Margaret Freeman Gallery is an artspace for disabled artists in downtown Dunedin.  30 artists use the space regularly and produce amazing art.  Studio2/ the Margaret Freeman Gallery is not government funded.  We rely on donations and charitable grants to meet all our running costs.

Studio2 is a supportive place for disabled artists to come and create works. We also help artists bring their work to a wider audience through our own street front gallery and joining in arts events in Dunedin and around the country. 

We also dabble in other art forms such as performance and radio when we can, for maximum exposure of our artisits talents.

Studio2/The Margaret Freeman Gallery's Projects

Image for On the Buses

Studio2/The Margaret Freeman Gallery

Imagine being surrounded by art instead of advertising? Studio2 artists want to make that happen during the 2015 Dunedin Fringe Festival. They want to put their art on the back of the city's passenger buses so everyone can look art instead of ads - at least while the Fringe is on.