Based in Otago Genre Dance

Hahna Briggs

I am Dunedin based dancer practitioner, with a specific focus on inclusive dance (dance that includes people with and without disabilities). I co-founded GASP! Dance Collective and currently co-teach our inclusive dance class, 'Able As Anything" with, Jenny Newstead. In addition, I am part of a collective of Queer artists who are working on 'Janus' a performance event for the 2015 Counter Point season,

My past achievements includes receiving the 2013 Caroline Plummer Community Dance Fellowship at the University of Otago. As a co-choreographer/performer for Pretty Gay Productions, I won the 2013 Dunedin Fringe Festival Best Outdoor Act for Queer Deportment. I also had the wonderful experience of dancing for WEAVE Movement Theatre, Victoria, Australia in 2012.

Hahna Briggs's Projects