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Dieneke Jansen & Jenny Gillam

Jenny Gillam and Dieneke Jansen are artists with a shared interest in concepts of nature as a social construct and the mediated ways in which urban dwellers experience it. Their work asks viewers to re-evaluate the urban environment that they might otherwise navigate without question on a regular basis.

Both artists exhibit in artist-run spaces, public art institutions and their off-site projects, and in 2012 they collaborated to produce a series of large scale photographs for Wellington City Council’s Courtenay Place Lightboxes. Following this project, they co-edited a book, An Urban Quest for Chlorophyll, which presents this work alongside creative works by The Suburban Floral Association (Tanya Eccleston and Monique Redmond), Amanda Yates, leader of AUT University’s Emergent Ecologies Lab which focuses on urban design, indigeneity and ecology as well as a text, ‘Post disaster Gardening’ by Lara Strongman, an art historian based in Christchurch.

In 2012 Jansen was honoured to be awarded a 5-month CK12 artist residency in Rotterdam, and in 2013 she was awarded The National Contemporary Art Award, Waikato Museum, New Zealand. She is also a senior lecturer for the Bachelor of Visual Arts and Masters Art & Design programs at AUT University.

Jenny Gillam is a senior lecturer at Massey University’s School of Art in Wellington.

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