Based in National Genre Dance

Mark Pulsford

My name is Mark Pulsford, Imagine the latest Cinema VFX ,Gaming and Motion capture combined with some of the best contemporary dancers anywhere. Include the brilliant singer Caitlin Smith and Contemporary poet Helen Sword and you have a multi modal experience never seen in New Zealand before.In a  post media world I explore the traces we leave behind.

'Pacific Skin' explores Contemporary dance, with singers, poets, musicians and interactive video performers on stage in the Q theatre on 9-11 April 2015. performing five works

 For the last six years I have exhibited and directed performances in Japan creating interactive 3D light drawings of dancers and their environments. Solo invitational exhibitions of my experimental video installation work and live performances have been shown mainly in Kyoto and Nagoya. In 2013 I directed, produced and choreographed seventeen dancers and fifteen crew in a series of performances at Nagoya Dome Mae Yada in Japan. The dancers were some of the best Contemporary Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk dancers in Japan.  Three of Japans top choreographer/dancers are coming to New Zealand to work with interactive video artists and local choreographer/dancers In workshop and performances in the ‘Loft’ Q theatre Auckland on 9-11 April 2015. In the last two years I have worked in the desert with the Djilpin Aboriginal Tribe in Australia, ‘Dance of Chaos' was the featured work in International Video Exhibitions in Libya, Rome and Japan. ‘Ayahuasca' was performed at 'Tempo' ‘Prime Cuts’, and in 2013 and I have been appointed a 'Nominator' to the Dutch Government's Prince Claus Fund for International contributions to Art and Culture.

Anyone who feels they could contribute to the performances please get in contact.

TAPAS Nagoya Dome Nagoya Japan 2013