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Emma Paki

She still possesses a magical voice and can write a song of intuitively integrated melody and lyric which by-pass the brain and go straight to the heart. Exceptional.

By Graham Reid, posted Nov1, 2010.
Emma’s Music is: Sensational, emotive, undeniably multi genre appealing & enjoyed by every age group. Her live performance, though only in intimate settings of late, is utterly embracing. No need to have heard her songs before, she will immerse you and your senses into her magical musical journey ….. An experience you shouldn’t miss.

Currently working on a new collection of songs in the studio, Emma aims to have her beautiful music in 21st century form, recorded and available to the world. A viral musical sensation

Emma is working with a close knit team creating gorgeous sounds around her ideas and forming them into concise finished works ready for download mania. Please donate so she can make her domestic violence songs available to support that cause in particular free.

Emma is in the best space she’s been, maybe ever!! Her musicality is so broad and also still unique in the EMMA PAKI style, it’s ageless!!