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Gayle Souter-Brown

I am the author of the new book Landscape and Urban Design for Health and Well-Being Using Healing, Sensory and Therapeutic Gardens. It is an important new work that showcases how we can use environmental design to cost effectively affect public health and emotional well-being. Taking the art of architecture to evidence-based science, the book shares research and examples of best and worst practice from around the world. It is the sum of 25 years’ experience as an international landscape and urban design consultant, designing dementia gardens and school grounds, office roof gardens and hospital courtyards, natural playgrounds and social housing. Enabling designs for disability, sensory gardens for health and well-being, urban opportunities to reconnect adults and children with nature have captivated my attention for many years. I draw inspiration from medieval monastic and Islamic gardens, and take counsel from traditional and indigenous cultures. Driven by an equal desire to heal people and the planet on which we depend my art is multi-disciplinary. Part visual, part auditory, part tactile, part literary, my designs are seldom theatrical but frequently dance in and around one's senses. My design ideology is encapsulated within the book.

Gayle Souter-Brown's Projects