Based in National Genre Theatre

Isaac Te Reina

I am a small town local lad raised in Plimmerton, Porirua. My roots are up in the Kapiti coast. Ko Ngati Raukawa toku Iwi, Ngati Kapumanawawhiti toku hapu, Te Pou o Tainui toku marae. I trained at the 'NZ Film & TV School' to begin my career as a professional filmmaker and then felt I needed to diversify my knowledge and skill set as a film director in order to connect and articulate with actors. I met Sara Wiseman on a feature film 'Human Traces' who serendipitously was looking for someone to begin training at 'The Actor's Program' 2016. Twas here I began my training as a professional and now working actor - underneath Kathryn Rawling's agency. For 5 years I have co-created with a range of NZ and international artists in film/writing and theatrical works and have just recently won Creative New Zealand's 'Nga Manu Pirere' award for best emerging Maori artist 2018.
​Story telling is part of who we all are, but at the core of who I am I have an irresistible passion for wanting to creatively influence the culture of Aotearoa, NZ and eventually beyond to the world.