Based in Waikato Genre Visual Art

Serene & Visesio Tay-Siasau

We Live & Breathe Arts, culture,community expressing the truth of our heritage knowledge that is pertinent to Indigenous knowledge systems.

Living & loving life as an grass root art activists, fighting the true purpose to return the knowledge that has always been there! We have worked in the Arts community for over a decade as a curator, sculptor and painter.

I am born in breed in Aotearoa and Indigenous woman belonging to the land of the long white cloud. Sio is a Tongan born and breed in Tonga, Aotearoa has been home for us but in the last 3 years we have been based between Aotearoa & the South Pacific Island of Tonga where we voluntarily work with youth and woman as well as creating art pertaining to restoring the ancient 'Otua Pre-Christian. 

The big picture is to create an Arts hub/first art gallery in Tonga,this is to ensure that the contemporary arts scene in Tonga will continue to thrive.