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Sam Duckor-Jones

I do my cermic work at home in the Wairarapa.  I enjoy pottery, poetry, the local birdlife, and hardcore gangsta rap.

Successful funding here will allow me make the work I know I am capable of - I just need the right tool.  That tool being a functioning kiln.  With this kiln I will be able to take part in many more exhibitions and events than I can currently.  This kiln!  It will truly change everything.

Sam Duckor-Jones's Projects

Image for Help install a kiln for a more sculptural future

Sam Duckor-Jones

I am a sculptor without his most vital tool! Pictured - me seated in my idle kiln, with ceramic friend. If I can get this important machine up and running I will be able to participate in so many more sculpture events than I do currently - do you wish to see more brightly coloured large ceramic men in galleries and sculpture parks across the world? Of course you do, so - please help fund the installation of my kiln!