Whether you're making the art or making it happen, Boosted is about what you can give.

Boosted lets donors hand pick projects they'd like to support and make a difference with as little as $5. With Boosted, supporting the arts isn't just something rich people do (no offence, rich peopleā€¦ we love ya!) but something for anyone who can afford a cup of coffee.

Be a Boosted Donor

If you've got a spare $5 or a lazy $500, we'd love you to get involved.  Boosting a project is easy. Choose a project and click on DONATE.

Whether you're an individual, a business, a group or an organisation, you'll be making a real difference to the arts in New Zealand.  In most cases, donors can claim a 33% tax credit from Inland Revenue.  Give $100, get $33 back.

Be a Match Donor

A match donor offers a fixed amount, which needs to be matched by others in order to be donated to the project.

Match donations give others the incentive to donate, as their donation is effectively "doubled". If you are a company, it is an excellent way to show your support for a project and develop a close relationship with the project's supporters.

You can have a match donor profile on the project page (for example, your company logo or family name) or you can remain anonymous.

The process is easy. If you've committed to a match donation, you'll receive an invitation to give your donation, which needs to be paid prior to the project start date. We will issue the match donor an 'Advice for donation', and once the donation has been paid, the match donation will be applied to and shown on the Boosted project page to all other donors (whether anonymous or not).

If the project is successful, we will send a receipt to the match donor after the project has closed. This receipt can be used to claim a 33% tax credit. If the project is unsuccessful, the donation will be refunded within 48 hours of project completion. 

Tax & Boosted

Donations are made to the Arts Foundation to support pre-approved Boosted projects. When the project meets its target, the Arts Foundation grants an amount equivalent to 90% of the donations to the project. The Arts Foundation is a registered charity with the Department of Internal Affairs.

Donors who have supported successful projects will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Generally, donations from qualifying individuals can claim a 33% tax credit up to the donor's taxable income for the tax year.

We go in to depth around tax credits and giving in the blog post Give to the Arts.

To claim your credit, fill in a credit claim form (IR526), attach a copy of your donation receipt and send it to the Inland Revenue Department. Boosted will acknowledge every donation at the time of payment, but won't issue a donation receipt until after the successful project has closed.

If you are unsure if you qualify for the tax credit please discuss this with your tax advisor or visit the Inland Revenue Department New Zealand. 

For further information about using Boosted, please read the Boosted Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Submission Terms.

For further information about claiming a tax credit, please refer to Inland Revenue Department New Zealand.