My Art Needs Money

Creating a Boosted
project is easy

Everyone needs art... But most art needs money!
So at Boosted we're here to remove every
possible barrier between artists and backers.


Boosted crowdfunding is unique because it's not just about the money.  It's about building your audience and communicating with them in exciting new ways.  And it's about inviting them to take part in what you do.

Crowdfunding works when people feel connected to a project and the people behind it.  When you tell your story, ask yourself 'why would people care?'  Share your spirit, passion, drive, and dreams with them - in your text, video, and images.

Show them how much you love what you do.  Potential donors will be won over by you!

Describe what it is that donors will find exciting. Your project, where it is or what it is. How it's unique, and how it contributes to your career, mission, or vision.  Make a clear ask.  Aim to inspire and paint a picture in people's minds.  Content that's positive, funny, or moving catches on best.

You can continue to connect with donors by using the Update function on your project page.  This acts like a mini-blog, and is a great way to share additional insights with your donors to keep the conversation going.

In this blog, Dr Anna Jackson, writes more in depth about Story.


For more info, tips, and tricks visit our Boosted School of Crowdfunding



Your audience and advocates already exist: family, friends and fans, colleagues and classmates, teachers and tweeters… everyone in your online and offline communities.

If they like what you do, they'll donate and help spread the word.  They'll help you connect with new people who are discovering your work for the first time.  Use this as an opportunity to strengthen your network.

Create a list of the names and email addresses of people who care about you and your work.

Consider how your project might connect with new audiences.  Would the subject, format, or location interest other communities and organisations?  For example; environmental, science, or health groups?

In this blog PR guru Anna Dean writes more on engaging your network.


For more info, tips, and tricks visit our Boosted School of Crowdfunding






Set a funding target and a timeframe in which to achieve it.  Think of this step as balancing 'what I need' against 'what my network can give'.  The capacity of your network is key.

Keep it real.

It's important to keep things real because if your project doesn't hit the target on time, the donations go back to the donors.  Why?  So you're not under pressure to create a knock-out production with insufficient funds, and donors don't go away disappointed.  Boosted is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform.

Your supporters want you to be successful.  It's a buzz to be part of a project as it approaches - and even exceeds - its target.

If possible, organise a matching donor - a person, group, organisation, or sponsor that offers support if others match their gift: e.g. they give $1,000 to your project if others (collectively) donate $1,000. Read more about match donors here.

All donations appear on the project page.  Donors can be anonymous or named, and amounts are confidential.  If you click on a donor who has a public profile, you see a list of projects they've boosted, but not the amounts.

Donors to successful Boosted projects are issued a receipt they can use to claim a tax credit from the IRD.

Boosted has a fixed 10% fee for successful Boosted projects.  GST registered?  You can add this on top of your grant total; e.g. a $1,000 project will be granted $900, plus GST the total is $1,035.


The closer you bring your audience to you, the more likely they'll be to talk about, share, and donate to your project.  On average, you have to ask people three times before they'll support you.

It's your job to inspire your network with insights and cool, shareable content.

Break your project down into key stages around its Boosted launch date: Before, Go-Live, During, After.  At each stage, invite supporters to meet you and the project; e.g. via open rehearsals, writing or art workshops, live recordings, visits to the studio, editing room of backstage.  Open up your creative process to your supporters.

Contact people individually whenever possible.  A personal touch makes all the difference.

Boosted supporters don't expect a financial return.  The donor's reward is connecting with other interesting people and to support artistic projects they believe add value to our world.

Expressing your thanks is vital - that goes without saying. There is a really handy blog about thanking people here.

You can also download a database of everyone who supported you and opted in to receive future communications from you.


  • Have a clear "ask" and be confident with it.  Take time to understand the Art of Asking
  • Yes, do a video.  Low-fi is fine, don't be shy, do be succinct.  Host it on YouTube or Vimeo.  Get the embed code from 'sharing' options. Check out our Five Top Tips for your crowdfunding video;
  • Boosted loves landscape images - the "ideal" size is 1400 x 600 pixels.  Don't know what a pixel is?  Aim for about 14cm x 6cm;
  • If you're an organisation, future-proof your artist profile by registering under a generic email address (e.g.;
  • Get one or two supporters to donate as soon as you go live - watch this video;
  • Social media creates community buzz.  Use interesting content that's easy for others to share. See our blog post on using Facebook for crowdfunding;
  • Share other people's content - you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours;
  • Be up-front - direct mailing and face-to-face asking creates donations;
  • There are no rewards on Boosted, but that doesn't mean you can't be generous!  Invite people in. Give them insights to your project and your art that no one else can give them. 
  • Use the 'update' function - it's a mini blog on your Boosted page and is emailed to your donors;
  • You'll need to ask some people three or four times before they get around to giving;
  • GST registered?  You're in luck - you can add GST to the grant that you invoice us for.  A $1,000.00 successful project minus the 10% fee equals a $900.00 grant; $900.00 plus GST means that you invoice us for $1,035.00.  Sweet.
  • Keep the conversation going. Wear your campaign on your sleeve - before, during - and nurture your tribe for future interactions.

For more Tips and Tricks visit our Boosted School of Crowdfunding