Everyone needs art... But most art needs money! So at Boosted we're here to remove every possible barrier between artists and backers.

Kei Boosted ka taea e te tangata te kimi moni nō te minenga mō ngā mahi toi.

How Boosted Works

Art is hard. So we've tried hard to make the money bit simple. Once an artist has an idea that needs money to bring it to life, they list it on Boosted with a clear financial target. If someone likes they look of the project, they can boost it and donate as little or as much as they like.

When the project hits its financial target inside its time limit, the artist gets the money (less our 10% admin fee to help keep the site running) and the Boosters get a tax credit (33% for donations $5 and up) - and that warm feeling that only comes from helping someone challenge our thinking through creating art.

And if the project doesn't hit its target in time? We return your donation (with no fees charged) and we see how we can help the artist to give it another go. (We're what you call an all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform.)

Boosting a project is easy. Choose a project and click on DONATE. You can even do it anonymously if you like, but we'd like to think that seeing your name and smiling face next to a project will make people want to join you in supporting it. Whether you choose to fly below the radar or not, the amount you choose to donate will never be published.

It's not just the money, honey

On top of making it easy for anyone to fund an arts project, Boosted is working hard to make the arts community better at the whole fundraising business. We run workshops and seminars on how to grow arts giving, and provide tools, tutorials and campaign support to help grow long-term relationships with donors. And we know this stuff! Boosted is backed by the Arts Foundation; New Zealand's leader in arts philanthropy.

The Boosted team is available to help. We offer artists one to one discussions and advice wherever we can. You can drop us a line anytime and we relish the opportunity to work alongside you throughout your project campaign.  Read our blog to get advice and ideas.

You can put any kind of arts project on Boosted: literature, performing arts, music, visual arts, dance, moving image… you name it. Boosted is here to help all New Zealand artists and organisations.

my art needs money

To add a project, join Boosted if you haven't already and click "add a project." We'll give it a quick check to make sure it qualifies for Boosted.

Now you need to work through the Boosted guidelines to give your project the best possible chance of success. The Guidelines are based on successful projects and cover Story, Network, Funding Target and Campaign Strategy. Take time to read them - they work!

Once your project is live you'll have a set time period to do everything you can to make sure it succeeds.

Donor's Reward

There are no gimmicks here. Your reward is the knowledge that you're empowering an artist to create work in the spirit of generosity. You're mobilising a new generation of arts patrons. You're making works of art.

All donations are given freely with no expectation of anything in return, apart from the satisfaction of supporting the project. Projects are unable to offer gifts, products or entitlements so we can protect the charitable status of donations to the Arts Foundation for projects listed on Boosted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can list a project?

Any arts project can be listed on Boosted, and it's easy to get things rolling. Just join Boosted and select the option to add a project. To see if your project can be listed on Boosted, submit your idea for a 'quick check'. (This is just one of our team taking a look at your proposal and usually only takes one or two days.)  Take a look at our other projects to get an idea too.

Will Boosted provide me with donors to my project?

You bet! We just wave our magic funding wand and money falls from the sky like rain. OK, we made that up. What we really do is use our experience through the Arts Foundation to help you connect with supporters and show you how you can grow your own community.

What happens if I raise more than my financial target?

Good question! When that happens we get in touch with the artist and make sure the extra funds are needed for the project (since that's what people donated them for). If it's all good, you get the money.

Boosted Awards

The Boosted website has won international acclaim.  Digital Partner NV Interactive has been recognised for their technical integration & development. Creative Partner Strategy Design & Advertising: Auckland has been acknowledged for brand & design.

NV Interactive
Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year 2014 - Innovative Technology for Good Citizenship
Microsoft New Zealand Partner of the Year 2014 - Innovative Technology for Good Citizenship

Strategy Design & Advertising:  Auckland
The Best Awards 2013 - New Zealand's Best Graphic Design, Small Brand Identity