Rod Eales

The Art of Space

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Inspired by the mysteries of the natural world above us, a group of children from Early Childhood on Stafford, spent four months of space exploration without having to wear a space suit.


My name is Rod Eales and I am an Artist, Art Educator and Early Childhood Teacher specializing in Art. I have spent many years teaching and promoting dynamic and challenging Art programmes to teachers throughout New Zealand.

My book, "It's Dark in Space", is a collection of drawings from a group of four year olds. What initially started out as a casual investigation into space, lead us to into the history, science, drama and beauty of space. A few hundred drawings later, I decided that this collection was worthy of preservation and celebration, and so the idea of a book was born.

This fifty seven page book is now finished and ready for printing. It comprises of fifty colour images of children's Art, with their own captions underneath. Some will make you laugh. Others are deadly serious. All are exquisite. To me, the book is about the magic of human creativity in the early years of development. These works were born out of passion, drive and a state of wonderment and awe. They show us 'what's possible.'

The book has now been completed in Pdf format, the cover and layout designed, and it has an IBSN number.  I would love to see this book come to light, but now I need help to cover the initial printing costs, after which I can fund future printing runs. Please join me in my quest.

I would be immensely grateful for any support you can give. Thank you in advance for making the early years and Art matter.


  • Thank you!!!!!!!


    A big THANK YOU to all those who have supported my project to 100% so quickly.Thankyou for believing in Art and education in the early years, and thank you for believing in me.

    Any extra support from now on will also go into the project, meaning that I can increase the number of copies printed.

    I have been surprised and heartened at your response to this project and am now looking forward to seeing the finished product. Without your suport, it would have remained another 'good idea'.