Jess Quaid

SMASH Berlin 2017

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They say art requires perseverance… and after 7 years of applying to practically everything possible it appears they might be right. This year I have been selected as one of only 18 participants in SMASH #9, a three month intensive programme of immersive training. In Berlin.

I'm a freelance dance artist and occasional aerialist, currently based in Auckland. When I first saw the SMASH programme I was pretty certain it was made just for me; the perfect mix of ideas to flesh out my current practice and push me even further. If you want to check out some of the amazing concepts I'll be delving into take a look at their facebook 

I love what I do, but it's certainly not easy to keep going in the face of day jobs, rejection letters and the difficulties of getting into the studio with other fabulous dancers to make stuff that doesn't suck. So a chance like this is pretty golden.

Anyway…. you know what this is about don't you.

I'm smashing open my piggybank, but sadly that won't get me all the way there. I need your help for flights and entry fees (1800 Euro turns into quite a few dollars) and maybe a bit of food while I'm over there.
So please, gift me your coffee money. I will turn it into sweat, tears, bruises, plane tickets and eventually... art.