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Sail Away is a new short film written by Tama Jarman, co-directed by Ella Becroft and Tama, and produced by Ilai Amir of Votre Arme.

It tells the story of Kevin, a young man who works in Quality Control at the town sardine factory. One day, on hearing the call of the wild, Kevin remembers his childhood dream of becoming a deep-sea sailor, and decides to leave his old life behind and launch into the unknown. He begins to build a fantastical boat in his backyard, much to the disdain of his family and friends.

Sail Away is about following your dreams, and being true to yourself - even if it means ignoring what conventionally equates to a successful or meaningful life.

The film is inspired by the cinematic techniques and clowning style of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, but in full colour and sound and with Tama's particular brand of humour. It's unique voice and style has captured the imagination of the New Zealand Film Commission as something fresh in the current landscape of filmmaking in New Zealand.

We have received a Fresh Shorts funding grant from the New Zealand Film Commission, one of only seven short films to receive funding from a pool of over 100 applications. This will go towards Production Design, Costume Design, Locations, Grade, Editing, Animation Design and Catering.

However, we need to raise an additional $10,000.00 to make this film happen.

Filmmaking doesn't come cheap, and our team of incredibly talented practitioners and actors are working for a koha, out of a love for filmmaking and a belief in this film. The money raised from Boosted goes directly towards the equipment needed to make this a visually stunning film that will proudly stand up on the international stage.

You contribution to our Boosted campaign will go directly towards:
- Camera hire - the Arri Alexa Mini for a four day shoot
- High quality lens package
- Fully equiped lighting truck
- Sound recording and design
- Post-production animation

Your donation is also supporting three exciting emerging artists who, like Kevin, are following their somewhat crazy dream of being filmmakers.



  • Introducing Kevin!

    2 DAYS AGO

    This is Kevin. When he was little, Kevin use to purposely wet the bed so he would get to hang his sheets out on the line. This made him feel like he was raising a sail. His parents were not impressed.

    Kevin is played by none other than Sail Away’s writer and co-director Tama Jarman. Tama will be drawing upon his performance background in TV, theatre and street clown to bring Kevin to life.\

  • Introducing Margaret!

    5 DAYS AGO

    This is Margaret. Kevin’s mum. Margaret thinks that mankind’s biggest mistake was putting a man on the moon before they put wheels on a suitcase. I know right??!!

    Margaret is played by the talented Alison Bruce who has a career that spans over 30 years across all disciplines in film, theatre and TV. Votre Arme is super stoked to have her on board for “Sail Away”.

  • Tama prepares to play Kevin - Episode 1

    1 WEEK AGO

    We took Tama around to some salty friends of ours to learn essential skills to play the character of Kevin in our upcoming short Sail Away; In Episode 1 we hop aboard Logi's boat 'Toroa' to learn a fundamental sailing knot.

    Just a reminder - Boosted is an all or nothing platform. If we don't get to 100% in the next 17 days then we don't get a cent! If you haven't already contributed we'd be grateful if you did - every little bit helps! 

  • Introducing Thomas!

    1 WEEK AGO

    This is Thomas. Thomas likes fighting, working out, sensual massages and having a physique superior to that of his older brother Kevin. His last meal was a protein bar and 3 litres of milk. Gotta get dem gains.

    Thomas is played by Oliver Cairns who unlike Thomas actually knows a thing or two about keeping a rig in tip top shape. Believe dat.

  • An overwhelming first 24 hours!

    1 WEEK AGO

    A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who donated in the first 24 hours of our campaign. We are so overwhelmed and grateful for your generosity.

    54% left to go! Help us spread the word!

    - Team Sail Away