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Rinse is a short film that dips into the horrific end of a relationship. Drawn from personal experience and a love of horror, the short aims to turn something that happens to a vast majority of us into a cathartic meal.


Set weeks after a painful break-up, Ari is plagued by the constant reappearance of his ex-boyfriend. A trip to the laundromat forces him to face his personal demons, or be consumed by them.


In order to make the best possible film, we are campaigning for $1500, which will cover a portion of our production budget. From your donation, we will be able to pay for equipment, crew, locations, costuming and make-up.

Every little bit would help - but as Boosted is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform, if we don't reach our goal, the donations return to each donor. We would greatly appreciate any support you have to offer. Donors will be receive a special thanks at the end of the film, and will be invited to a screening later in the year.

To donate, you need to register with Boosted (a very simple process) and in doing so, you will recieve a receipt upon your donation. All donations through Boosted made by NZ income earners are 33% tax deductable. Essentially, donate $100, and you can claim $33 back from the IRD.


Cameron Dixon is a filmmaker born and raised in Auckland. Drawn to the horror genre and the ways in which fear infiltrates our everyday lives, he debuted this with his first short film Dead Keys (2016). Recently graduating with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland in a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), he is currently undertaking a Masters of Arts, specialising in Screenwriting & Directing.

Gorjan Markovski  is a producer of queer stories through genres informed by his love of classic cinema. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from University of Auckland in Film and Art History and a Post-Graduate-Honours in Screen Production, with First Class Honours in Advanced Directing. His directorial efforts include the queer fairytale The Prince (2015), which played in festivals in New York, Rome and Bucharest, and Therese (2017) a queer giallo-esque psychological thriller. He has also produced Christienne Jauregui's The Red Man (2016).


" laundromat" by Justin Ruckman is licensed under CC BY 2.0