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Pot Luck season two

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Pot Luck season one introduced the world to Mel (Nikki Si'ulepa), Debs (Anji Kreft) and Beth (Tess Jamieson-Karaha), three lesbians in their thirties and forties, negotiating friendship and romance while dealing with the challenges and rewards of everyday life. Set in Wellington, New Zealand, the universal themes of friendship, family and finding love have been positively received by a broad audience both in New Zealand and overseas.

Pot Luck season one has exceeded our expectations, playing on multiple on-line platforms in New Zealand, the US and Canada, It's received over 1.5 million unique views across all episodes… and our audience is still growing!

With official selection to several local and international Webfests, Pot Luck is proving there's an enthusiastic audience for well told stories with diverse characters, and this unique slice of local lesbian life has a strong following and an audience crying out to see more!

Why we need your help...

Imagine we had just fifty cents for every view... we'd be able to make several more seasons straight away! But we're committed to keeping our content freely available to all, and your support will help us achieve that.

Thanks to funding from the good people at NZ on Air, Wellington City Council Arts & Culture Fund, and Hell Pizza, we've managed to raise the majority of our budget already.

This will cover modest fees for our cast and crew, equipment hire and art department, but we still need help for production office costs, location expenses, transporting all that gear around and of course we have to feed people! Plus theres the editing and all the magic that happens in post production, and finally distribution.

We've set ourselves a realistic target, but if we can exceed that target we'll be able to put more resource into making Pot Luck season two even better. This is where you come in!

Whether you can afford five dollars or fifty, large or small, your donation will help make Pot Luck season two amazingly awesome.


For taking the time to check out our project - we appreciate any amount you can send our way, and if it's a little tight for you right now, you could always share our campaign with your friends and on social media to help us reach our goal!

Wonder what all the fuss is about? You can binge watch all of Pot Luck season one here:

If you want to find out more about Pot Luck web series and the team behind it, visit our website here:


  • Pot Luck S2 - 1st behind the scenes clip!


    Hullo Pot Luck supporters!

    Filming for Pot Luck season two is now in full swing! Check out our first behind the scenes clip featuring Anji Kreft, Paul Yates and Karen O'Leary (among others). Keep watching for the best punchline ever! Karen O'Leary is a legend:

    Without your support we couldn't have got this far, so enjoy!

    Robin & Ness and the Pot Luck team


    Pot Luck S2 - 1st behind the scenes clip!
  • Pot Luck web series season two is ON!!


    Hi Pot Luck supporters

    You'll probably be aware by now that we managed to reach our funding target and raised 102% of the funds needed to top up our budget. Yay!!!!

    This is all thanks to you, and we can't tell you how much we appreciate your support!!

    We'll be thinking of you during the shoot and are benefitting from the things you helped pay for, like the food we're eating, the petrol we're using to get around, the props and costumes we're able to purchase and a myriad of other goods and services that are needed to bring Pot Luck season two to your screens!

    Please keep in touch with the project by following us on Facebook:

    Thanks again and we look forward to bringing you season two by the end of 2017!!!

    Lots of big hugs and kisses from Ness, Robin and the Pot Luck team...!


    Pot Luck web series season two is ON!!
  • We're nearly there!


    Hi Pot Luck supporters!

    We're getting close to our target and to our deadline - 92 donors, 85% raised, 37 hours to go!!

    Thanks so much for your contribution to this...! If you can help us out a bit more by by spreading the word, that would be awesome. 

    One of ourfavourite things about this process is the brilliant messages we get through the Boosted site, it really helps us to know that people are so engaged with our little show.

    Heres a sample of the love sharing thats going on....

    "Howdy!! My lovely Potluck peeps!! Loved the first season here to support season 2 y'all!! Cheers!!"
    "Happy Pride from San Francisco! Heard about you by streaming Radio New Zealand. Congrats on the first season!"
    "So happy I clicked on a link to your first season... I love it! Xx"
    "Loved Season One! Really cool story line, refreshing and entertaining.
    "With love and excited anticipation"
    "Started watching it last night. Rock on my dears!"
    "Kia kaha! Hope you meet your goals for Season 2!"
    "The more LGBT representation the better!"
    "Love seeing some Welly queerness on my screen! More please!"
    "Enjoyed the first series and want to help make this series a reality."
    "Go Potluck! Totally behind your mahi as a fellow creator of queer content! Woohoo!"

    Thanks again, and see you on the other side!!


    Robin and Ness and the Pot Luck crew


    We're nearly there!
  • One more week to go for Pot Luck!


    Hi Boosted supporters!!

    We’re pretty happy to have had support from 70 donors so far, and we can’t thank you all enough! There’s still a wee way to go to reach our target, and only a week to get there, so it would be great if you could keep engaging on our Facebook page ( and sharing our posts to encourage others to join in the fun!

    We were also pretty happy to be interviewed by Simon Morris on Standing Room Only a couple of Sundays ago, and if you missed that particular gem, you can find the podcast here:

    Thanks again for all your support and please keep engaging in the coming week and help us reach our target….!

    Lots of love and appreciation

    Robin and Ness and the Pot Luck team

    One more week to go for Pot Luck!
  • Pot Luck gets a spot on RNZ National Radio


    Hi Pot Luck supporters

    A little bit of a breakthrough for Pot Luck, we finally got a story on a mainstream media outlet!! After 18 months of jumping up and down and yelling “over here”, RNZ National has picked up The Pot Luck web series story!!! (to be fair, it was just a multitude of emails and the occasional phone call - no jumping was involved….)

    Simon Morris has interviewed Ness and I (cripes!!) and they’re playing it on Standing Room Only this coming Sunday 25th June at around 1.45pm…..! The podcast will be on our Facebook page afterwards… and you’ll be able to get it on RNZ National website too….!

    It’s our mission to make diverse content for a mainstream audience, so we’re heading incrementally closer to achieving this all the time…….

    This not to detract from the fantastic support we’ve been getting from LBGTQI media outlets including recent stories from Lesbian News Aotearoa and Lesbian Radio in Wellington.
    Screen NZ is also a big supporter, and will be publishing a story next week, and we got a teeny tiny snippet in the New Zealand Listener a couple of weeks ago….

    Just 3 weeks to go on Boosted, so don’t forget to check out our Facebook page and like and share!!!

    Thanks heaps!

    Robin & Ness and the Pot Luck team..

    Pot Luck gets a spot on RNZ National Radio
  • Pot Luck crew say thanks very much!


    Hi Pot Luck supporters!

    Thanks heaps for being a part of Pot Luck webseries season two!

    In the first week 30 donors have helped us raise 13% of the target - awesome you guys! This is a great start, but we've got a wee way to go...... If you can help us by encouraging others to contribute, we will be even more grateful than we already are!!!

    Thanks again for your support, its much appreciated.

    Ness, Robin and the Pot Luck team

    PS: You can binge watch season one again here:

    Pot Luck crew say thanks very much!