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NO.1 STAND is an intimate study of women in a unique workplace: the shearing shed. Shearing sports are the competitive version of these women's professional lives, and these women are proving that the girls are as good, if not better, than the boys.

Our documentary studies what drives these women to sacrifice so much personally and professionally to follow their dream - to win The Golden Shears. There is no women's competition - the women compete with the men.

We follow several characters as they chase sporting glory, and delve deeper into New Zealand's most unconventional national sport. NO.1 STAND is about underdogs triumphing over adversity… a hopeful film that shows these women are achieving incredible things in a traditionally male dominated world.


We started working on NO.1 STAND in 2014, and have since learnt about shearing sports and the incredible work the industry does. This research was tremendously important to make an as accurate as possible documentary.

Artistically, the goal for the film is to show shearing sports and the shearing industry as something to be admired. No film has ever shown these people for the legends they are, and we're keen to show EVERYONE involved in the industry - MALE and FEMALE - as people to be admired.

This approach requires a lot of patience and stamina. It also requires money - to pay for petrol, accommodation and gear - so we can continue to tell the story of these world class athletes.

Through 2016, with the generous support of the New Zealand Film Commission, we have shot with the 'characters' from the movie: learning about their world, interviewing them, their family and their wider support network.


Our goal is to cover the 2017 Golden Shears from our characters perspective. This means funding two shooting crews over the three competition days in early March.

Our eager and experienced crew are fully behind this project - making a cool, grass roots documentary excites them and means that they're making it for love! We want to keep them happy, which means we need to pay for their accommodation, food and petrol, to keep them focussed on doing us all proud.

We want to invite you to help fund this project - become part of the journey to making a unique, world class documentary.


Your need your donation to make this movie happen! Your money will help us make this film look and sound amazing! Our $10,000 goal is just the bare minimum we need - when we hit that target, we hope you'll continue to donate: every bit helps!


We plan to complete the film in 2017, for a 2018 film festival release after premiering at The Golden Shears 2018. It's important for us to make sure the film travels to every corner of New Zealand so you will easily get to see the finished film.


Jack Nicol - Director

Jack is a documentary filmmaker based in New Zealand. He's produced some cool stuff, including this:

Originally from a factual TV background, Jack's had experience working on big movies (like "The Hobbit"), little movies (like TVNZ telly movies), ads, music videos and everything in between.

NO.1 STAND has come from his lifelong obsession with rural New Zealand.

Miss Conception Films - Georgina Allison Conder

This project is being sheparded through production in the safe hands of Georgina Allison Conder, an experienced New Zealand film producer, and now avid sheep shearing enthusiast.


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    THANK YOU! Especially to all those in the shearing community for donating - we're getting there! Please continue to spread the word - every bit helps!