Nicole Andrews

Second Album Recordings

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I am recording an experimental electronic album and need your help to finish it.

I am an indie musician from Portland Oregon, turned Kiwi and now living in Wellington New Zealand; singer, songwriter, pianist and synthesizer player. I'm about to step into the studio with some new songs to record what will become my second album.

I am known for my piano driven style in the indie alternative realm, and typically hear comparisons to Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. However, lately I've been working on some new tunes, and have stepped back from writing on piano and have refocused my writings to be centered around the Prophet 6 synthesizer. The result is a much more electronic sound that draws inspiration from artists like Bjork, Arca, Deru and Goldfrapp.

These new songs are gritty, raw and dark. They were recently described to me as "love spread across an ambient deathscape."

I'll be working with Thomas Voyce from Rhombus for this album, who also worked on my first album, In the Shallows (recording the piano and producing the electronic track Goodnight Sweetheart). This time around Thomas will be taking the reins as recording and mixing engineer, as well as producer. Then mastering will be done at Munki Studios with Mike Gibson (who also mastered my first album).

I am lucky to be able to cover all of the recording costs and album art with my own savings, but I've fallen short of being able to cover everything needed to make this album available to the people. I hope you might like to help me finish it!

I need to raise $3000 to cover the remaining costs of making the album, such as mixing and mastering. Anything I raise above this goal amount will go towards getting phycial copies of the album printed and music videos made, along with other marketing and promo costs.

Thank you for your support and thank you in advance for donating. I really look forward to sharing this music with you.


  • Recordings Phase 1 done!!

    2 DAYS AGO

    I've finished phase 1 of recording my album! And I've got to 21% of my goal! Thank you everyone who donated!

    I'm trying to reach 30% by Thursday in order to stay on target, and it's been really amazing to see it jump from 11% to 21% in just a few days! We can do this.

    I spent this week in the studio recording the base parts for synth, which will then be used later during the production process (which is scheduled for March). So, basically this is really just phase 1 of the whole recording process.... I might just be the beginning, but it means that the songs are structured, we have the synth sounds, we know where we're going and then just need to refine, record the final vocals and get some other things going on in there (like drums, bass, whatever).

    Thanks again!

  • First Day!

    6 DAYS AGO

    Thank you everyone who donated to my project today! The first day is always a bit scary because you just don't know what is going to happen! But we achieved 10% with 9 donors, so we're certainly making it happen!

    I'm heading into the studio tomorrow, so I'll be sending through some updates about it. So excited!!