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Liliu - Short film

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Liliu is a new short film written and directed by Nanai Jeremiah Tauamiti, and produced by Ngaire Fuata.

"I'm still at a loss for words. Malo sa'ili malo". (Tuiasau Uelese Petaia - Actor)

"It was a very special shoot, and I think we all know we were part of something v special". (Peter Hayden - Actor )

"The Actors and Extras who brought the truth to this film, your Mana will shine bright on the big screen" (Dave Perret - Liliu crew )

LILIU, in Samoan means to turn over, or to reveal. For those involved in this film, our goal is to reveal the hidden heroes of our past, seldom heard of, or learned. To know that the very ground we stand on, be it in Samoa, Aotearoa, or anywhere else in the world, is built on strong Pacific women, men, and children, who gave their lives for us to speak the truth of who we are as a people. Liliu is made and supported by film makers and actors who believe in being the rightful owners, and tellers of our stories, and we are proud of our crew made up of many nationalities that have helped make this story a true 'village raised' film.

Liliu is the story of two very different Samoans during a time when Samoa was ruled by New Zealand post WW1. Solo, a young man who has embraced his modern life as a translator for the Native Court, and Nua, a traditional older woman Chief who finds herself awaiting trial. Solo carries out his duties translating for his countrymen who cannot speak English, but manipulates the truth thinking his lies will do him favours with a judge who is bent on destroying Samoan traditional customs. When Nua's grand-children arrive at the courthouse, all hell breaks loose, and the lives of Solo and Nua will never be the same.

Liliu is about being brave enough to not only stand up for yourself, but for those you love who do not have a voice. It's about being brave enough to speak the truth in your own country or die trying.

We have received a Fresh Shorts funding grant from the New Zealand Film Commission who believe in this story and the film makers. But the grant has been used already towards flying over our crew and sole NZ actor to film in Samoa, and our accommodation. It also paid for some of our equipment, some of which was also given to us with support from Sir Peter Jackson's WingNut films, and also Panavision who equipped us with special lenses. We're proud also to have a predominantly Samoan cast from Samoa, with locals also helping to crew our shoot. However, we're only half way there after a very successful shoot in tough wet conditions.

We need your support to raise an additional $10,000 to help pay for the post production costs of Liliu. It sounds like a big amount but we believe that with the "can do" village mentality that we've adopted so far we can make it. So many believe in this film - we have to!

If you believe in helping to give a voice to our film makers and actors whose stories are seldom told, then help us to reveal the changing face of Aotearoa-Samoan film making and present our stories to the world!

The money raised from your Boosted donations will go directly towards:
- Editing of our film
- Colour grading
- Soundpost
- Final mastering for theatre.

As donors, you'll be part of our Liliu aiga (family) and be kept up to date with our progress and how your money is being used to make OUR film. We'll update you with behind the scenes footage and pics of the Liliu journey. We'll also keep you in the loop with all the progress, and you get to view all the behind the scenes photos and videos as well! 

Malo lava, kia ora, thank you,
Nanai Jeremiah, and Ngaire.

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  • Radio NZ interviews Liliu cast and director!

    1 DAY AGO

    Hear from our lead actors Vito and Ana as they speak about the importance of our film for the Pacific and Women. We hope you enjoy this interview and we'd like to acknowledge Sela Aholelei at the Pacific division with Radion New Zealand. If you enjoy it please share to help spread the word family, many thanks! And if you're a parent, or a child then enjoy the last weekend of school holidays! 

    Don't forget to share - soifua! 

  • Behind the scenes

    3 DAYS AGO

    We are very grateful for the support so far - thank you!!

    Here's a little something of the action behind the scenes, with film-maker and our camera assistant for Liliu, Samson Rambo.  Our energizer man!

  • First day!

    1 WEEK AGO

    Thank you so much to those who kicked off our boosted campaign! We know how easy it is to say "I'll donate later", or "They'll be right they don't need our help", but you guys made a choice to actively help out and the Liliu aiga welcomes your support and will look to honour your commitment. Faafetai lava and we'll talk soon. manuia lava le po. 

    Below is one of the pics that helped to inspire our discussions with wardrobe and make up, and art department. 

    First day!