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Fabricate Collective are excited and proud to be taking our show 'Fabricate' to Wellington and Dunedin Fringe Festivals. We are looking forward to finding new ways of presenting our work. The show will be performed at Thistle Hall Cuba Street in Wellington and The Fortune Theatre in Dunedin.

Fabricate physically explores the tactile environment through movement. The space is designed with objects, light and through the bodies and movements of the dancers. A string web is created and later destroyed, a table enters and all is intersected with clean crisp movement. We explore our fascination with shared experiences between audience, performer and space. An aesthetic world is created and provides the opportunity to shift how the viewer sees the work with a taster of audience interaction. Fabricate plays with the audience's expectations through its changing and unexpected structure, leaving them on the edge of their seat and wanting more.

"We are witness to scholarly disciplines in a sophisticated and generous performance in Fabricate… An excellent and lyrical dissertation on the contemporary human condition in dance." The Daily Blog, 2016

Fabricate started working together at Unitec in the performing and Screen arts program which was completed by all five dancers/choreographers (Caitlin Davey, Lydia Connolly-Hiatt, Cushla Roughan, Rodney Tyrell and Reece Adams) and their producer (Sarah-Louise Collins). The collective members are all equal in their collaboration, bringing something different and valuable to the work.

The sound score, created specifically for the work by Caspar Connolly, is intriguing in its complex yet simplistic sound and adds an alluring element to the intimate work.

"Urgency, love, fear, angst, nostalgia, it's all in there...Powerful, earnest, humble.…enduring." - The Daily Blog, 2016

We have been fortunate enough to receive some funding for this project but we are still a little short of the amount we need to pay for flights to Dunedin. We would like to invite you to contribute in helping us perform our show.